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TVG mural

Location: Cork city, Ireland​

Job title: Co-art director, carpenter, joiner, visual artist, illustrator

Project: The Missing Colours of Tír na nÓg; World book day 2017, Culture Night Cork.

Aim of project:

I and scenic Artist Fiona Geary worked together with CORK COMMUNITY ART LINK working with volunteers from the community to create an installation for the Cork city library. The aim of our project was to create an interactive installation where families could work and play together. We created giant coloring books based on Irish myths and legends written by Irish authors and poets. Each book has a title from a different poem or short story, and a quote from the story on the back of the book. 

Date: April 2017

The project was a great success and the books lived on for  a few more events, such as Cork Culture Night, through the year and with each book getting a few weeks in different libraries around Cork city, each library chose its own theme for the book's illustrations 

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