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Serve Ice Cold 

Company: DogDayMedia

Location: Cork city, Ireland

Date: November 2019

Job Title: Prop-Maker

Work: Painting the fridge, making the Frost effect inside it & making of the Jager bottle set into the block of ice.

Worked for DogDayMedia production with Hopkinscommunications & Facebook’s ‘Creative Shop’ creating a Jagermeister social campaign with the message 'Serve Ice Cold'.

DogDayMedia focused on the concept for this main dolly shot and then within the set,  created a series of varying spots. These were used across online channels. Other spots included ‘interactive’ instagram stories where a user taps to break ice and pour a drink

This is the main video from a series of spots

Credits: DogDayMedia

Behind the scene

Credits: DogDayMedia

The second video from a series of spots

Credits: DogDayMedia

Making of the block of ice.


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